Friday, January 23, 2009

Basic Speer Hammock video

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Jolly Green Giant said...

I too have tried just about every variety of hammock (Speer, Jungle, Clark, Mosquito, Travel, etc.). None of them were long enough (I'm 6'6"). I also had a problem which looked like you were going to encounter in the video - which is sagging to the point that it eventually touches the ground. Do you still have that problem or it is only an issue when you use your hammock the first few times until it stretches out? I'd love to find a hammock that works, but for me I just haven't been comfortable enough in one and not having a place to put my gear is also bothersome for me. There are a handful of ultralight tents for under two pounds, which is about the weight of a hammock with netting and rain tarp, and obviously tarps on their own are much lighter and offer a lot more living space. As you mentioned, however, it keeps you off the ground away from bugs and don't need to find a level spot which is always a problem for us ground dwellers. Dealing with cold is a whole other ball game for everyone though.